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It is believed that cleansing spaces from negative energy is beneficial for one's health and wellbeing, especially in today's environment when people's energies and emotions are under pressure due to the current world events taking place. Clearing negativity from your surroundings help to bring a harmonious and calm atmosphere as well as uplifting the mood.

Palo Santo

The translation of Palo Santo is "Holy Wood". The Palo Santo tree is from the same family (Bursera) as myrrh and frankincense. It's wood is highly scented and is also known as a healing and spiritual wood. It has been used by the Indigenous people of South America, Asia, and Africa for thousands of years for spiritual purification and energy cleansing, dispelling negative energy. Traditionally only the fallen trees and dead branches that have been laying for over 4 to 10 years are harvested. It is believed that it is the aged wood that holds and activates the mystical and medicinal properties.


  • When using to cleanse, light the tip of the wood until you see a flame, blow the flame out.
  • Then walk around the room, particularly the corners, and let the smoke do it's work

The smoke of the Palo Santo is believed to clear the negative energy and bring a sense of peace and calm. It can also be used on people to cleanse their energy fields from any negativity and is said to be spiritually uplifting. Palo Santo is also used to cleanse crystals from unwanted energies.